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*NEW: This year there is not a specific end date to the sale, but supplies are limited. We are able to get in a limited amount of loins, and when they sell out, we will not be able to get any more in at these prices.

Are you new to shopping with County Meat Cuts? We are all about getting you the very best products, at the best prices! We have many customers who have been shopping with us for years, and have gotten into a great money saving routine. If you’re new to shopping with us, allow us to explain how things work around here

“Why steaks in January, and why do I have to buy so many??”

First off, Supply and Demand! Steaks are in high demand in the summer, so that means they cost us less in the winter. But good news, our excellent, individually vacuum seal packaging stands up fabulously in the freezer, and they will be in perfect condition come summer barbecuing

Second major point; For us to be able to offer you the best prices (listed below), you are purchasing in bulk

For example;

Strip Loin Package: 14 – 20 lbs – $13/lb

You are purchasing the whole loin, and they generally weigh between 14-20lbs. We will cut your Strip-Loin however you like. So for example; a 15lb loin, cut into 3/4” steaks, would give you approximately 16-17 steaks. We will trim your loin to make it best for you, but keep in mind this will cause minimal weight loss in trim and sinew removal. But this makes your steaks better for you!

These same steaks can cost up to $7/lb+ more in the summer when they are in high demand. On a 15 lb Striploin, you would be saving over $100 by purchasing during the sale.

These are the reasons that we encourage you to buy enough to last you throughout the year. You’ll save money, and you will also save multiple trips to the store! Like we said, we are all about getting you the very best products, at the best price!

Having said all of that, the food industry is in flux right now. Prices are climbing rapidly, and changing on a schedule that is very different from the last 50 years that we have been doing this. With the unpredictability of the food market right now, all we know for sure is that these are the lowest prices that we are able to acquire right now.

Our beef is currently aging, and needs about weeks. Call now, or submit your order online. We will call you when it is ready. Pick-ups will begin in a few weeks.

Supplies are limited. Get your orders in before we run out